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Mythic Jaina Proudmoore + The Glacial Tidestorm Mount!

The Glacial Tidestorm is currently a guaranteed mount drop from the challenging and annoying boss Lady Jaina Proudmoore, on Mythic Difficulty. The reason this mount has been bought 157 times from WowBoosts, is because it is not only one of two extremely rare mounts this expansion, (dropping only twice in a 20 man raid, from a tough-to-defeat boss) but it is also becoming legacy loot in Shadowlands, the new World of Warcraft expansion. Since there is so little time until Shadowlands releases, a lot of players have decided that they want to claim the (in our opinion) most beautiful mount of BFA before its drop chances reduces to 0.1%. Most players agree that they don’t want to go back to BoD months into Shadowlands. We’re here to make sure you don’t have to.


Information Information & Options!

  • Selfplay is generally how most Jaina Mount runs are operated.
  • Jaina Mount is guaranteed to drop twice, so you can bring a friend for 20% off! (DM us on discord for this deal)
  • Runs generally take 10-30 minutes

RewardsCompletion Rewards!


Estimated Time of ArrivalETA for this service:
We can Organise nearly any day for Jaina Mount runs; specifically tailored to your hours of availability! However our scheduled runs are normally on Saturdays from 19:00-23:00


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