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Pre-Raid Shadowlands Gear Boost – Week 1

Wanting to breach those early Normal/Heroic Castle Nathria groups? Or just skip the horrendously boring process of grinding for gear Week 1? We’ve got you covered. WowBoosts’ premier Pre-Raid Gearing service ensures that you have absolutely everything you need before you head into the more challenging content coming in the weeks following. 

This is our second best-selling service for Shadowlands. Being geared and having enough ilvl to take on Castle Nathria and carve your own path through the expansion is a very exciting prospect for a lot of players. It’s just not realistic for most people to commit the 30-45 hours that this experience condenses into just 4-5, which is why we developed this speed-running system in the first place. Let WowBoosts do the heavy lifting.

Information about Gear Boost Information & Gear Options!

  • 165 ilvl: World Quests and 4-7 Mythic 0 Dungeons 
  • 175 ilvl: World Quests and 6-10 Mythic 0 Dungeons
  • 185 ilvl: World Quests and at LEAST all Mythic 0 Dungeons + Extras 

Piloted or selfplay? For this Gearing Boost, we’d recommend you opt to selfplay these runs but it is not compulsory. It doesn’t particularly add much more to the safety of the boost but we believe it’s a good idea for you to get an idea of how the dungeons work. We’ll primarily be carrying you through Mythic 0s, and trade you a majority of the usable loot, in order to get you the ilvl you’ve chosen to purchase.

If you want to get the most of Gearing in Week 1, we suggest you purchase from our Covenant/Renown Farming page, as it is basically the replacement for a reputation grind this patch, and grants cosmetics, talents on soulbinds, and upgrades gear. It’s incredibly important that it’s maxed out, but unfortunately it’s a tedious grind, which will take hours every week!

Estimated Time for GearETA for this service:  (All  Gear Boosts performed in week 1 of Shadowlands’ Release)
Express: 1-2 Days. Pick which days via contacting us on Discord
Standard: 3-4 Days. Pick which days via contacting us on Discord

Warning about Rare Mounts Please bare in mind that the ilvl values are an estimate, and you may end up within 2 ilvl either way of the desired goal.



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