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Wow Boosts – Expert-Grade World of Warcraft Boosting Services

 We provide legendary WoW Boost Services, aiding between 10-20 customers everyday as of current. Our boosters are cherry-picked professionals from the very top guilds in Europe & the US. Every single Manager and Operator at WowBoosts is a WoW player, and most importantly, a Booster. We don’t employ anyone outside of dedicated Warcraft experts. This means you can be sure that whoever you speak to, knows exactly what you mean when you tell them what you’re looking for.

Why should I buy a boost? – Our 3 Key Philosophies


 It really depends who you are and what you’re after. A majority of our customers, surprisingly, are pretty good at the game but with very little time on their hands. It doesn’t have to be something for “noobs” or “casuals” – although if you are we’re just as useful!


We pride ourselves on catering our Wow Boosting to everyone. Most of our products will save you hundreds of hours, either because of our top-notch expertise in areas such as Mythic+, Raiding,  or because we are prepared to smack our heads against that brick wall called grinding.


We go a step further than just saving time. We also provide Prestige, Elite services such as Full Mythic Ny’alotha and High Raider.io scores. Boosting isn’t just about saving time, we’re able to go the full way and make everyone you come across open their mouth in awe and go “yeah ok this guy’s insane at Wow.”

Who do you have Boosting for you – Anyone Good?

Oh, we sure do! Our Raider.io and Mythic+ boosters are purely players picked from the top 300, and our guilds for Mythic Ny’alotha Raid Boosting have world ranks amongst the top 10-50. Our Arena Boosting is handled by Multi Rank 1 players only, some of whom have competed at Blizzcon and other international events. Even our BFA Account farmers are also trusted experts in their field, vetted and trained to complete tasks such as Visions, Mount farming, Old Raid boosts and Echoes/Azerite farming as quickly as possible. We believe that the quality of a farming boost is most decided by how safely and quickly it’s carried out, and so we have picked the very best people to perform both parts of that job perfectly. 

Can I make a Custom Order?

There’s nothing WowBoosts does better than a cheeky Custom Order. Yes, our standard pricing is great and entirely unmatched, but we can offer so much more if you’re thinking of buying a bundle that doesn’t appear on the site. Not only could contacting us directly lead to 10-20% discounts on big orders, but we can also show you some services that even our extensive shop doesn’t cover.