Item Level Packages – From 150 to 220 in a Week

We’ve all felt the irritation of being declined to even low Mythic+ keys, or even worse, being unable to sign up in the first place. You will never need to worry about this again with one of our Item Level packages! Target any item level and be the envy of your guild, get instant invites simply because you have the biggest score around. If you want to add specific items to the list of your Item Level package, visit our Specific Item page.

Information about Item Level Information & Options!

  • Play option – Piloted or Self Play is available at no extra cost.
  • Our boosters are available 24/7, and we will not rest until you reach your requested Item Level!
  • This is only one part of a whole load of boosts your account can take advantage of! If you need more than just this, we recommend heading to Build Your Own Account 

Rewards for VisionsCompletion Rewards for an Item Level farm.

  • A full set of gear.
  • The potential to earn various achievements and rewards based on the content we grind for you.

Estimated Time of Arrival for Item LevelETA for this service – Below are estimated times for you to reach any given Item Level. 

  • 150-210: 3 – 5 days of play
  • 150-220: 1 – 2 weeks.

 Warning about Item LevelBare in mind when ordering that some item sources can only be farmed once a week, in those cases delivery may take longer! 

When ordering one of our higher item level packages (200+) we may need to boost your character through multiple raids, this is especially the case if Specific Items are requested. This may require more than 1 lockout to complete.     


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